Our virtual fitness challenge is now live! For details on how to sign up, please click here.

Our Mission

The members of the In House Pro Bono Group share a collective belief that the provision of pro bono work is a professional responsibility for all lawyers. Supported by a Steering Committee, the Group’s aims are to:

  • Foster a culture of commitment to pro bono
  • Promote and improve pro bono service and delivery
  • Share knowledge, best practice and resources to build and strengthen in house pro bono service
  • Connect in house lawyers, charities and pro bono professionals through networking and communication
  • Collaborate to make the best use of our unique skill set and training for the benefit of others.

Our Work

We are a group dedicated to serving the needs of our members and to promoting pro bono service and delivery in the in house space. Get in touch to let us know what resources you would like to see.
In House Pro Bono Guidelines

In collaboration with the Law Society, LawWorks and the Collaborative Plan, we have published a set of guidelines explaining best practices and tips on how to set up your own in house pro bono programme. Click on the icon above to access our Guidelines for establishing and running a successful in house pro bono programme.

Justice Week 2020

The In House Pro Bono Group is proud to support Justice Week 2020. Click the icon above to access our podcast series where we bring together some truly inspirational young leaders and discuss with them the importance of understanding the justice system, the value of the rule of law and how justice and the rule of law are fundamental to our lives and freedoms in the context of "Saving the Planet".

Precedent Documentation

Please watch this space as we develop and share precedent pro bono documentation with our members. We want to ensure that no one has to re-invent the wheel and that our newer members can benefit from the experience of our older members.


Our members are passionate about all things pro bono. Various groups have formed around different ideas people have had or events people want to organize. We call them "sub-committees". Please email at if you wish to join one of our sub-committees or hear more about what they are planning. If you want to create your own sub-committee, drop us a line and we will help you make this happen.

Training & Education

Our Training & Education sub-committee organises quarterly and ad hoc training sessions for our members. Please see our Upcoming Events tab below for future events. If there are any topics that you would like to receive training or present on, please contact us.


Financial Institution Pro Bono Day

Our Financial Institution Pro Bono Day sub-committee is planning a collaborative volunteering day for financial instutions to celebrate Financial Institution Pro Bono Day


London Legal Walk

Our London Legal Walk sub-committee is looking at branding opportunities and organising a networking event following the London Legal Walk



national Pro Bono Week

Our National Pro Bono Week sub-committee is planning an in-house day of training and pro bono volunteering opportunities for our members during National Pro Bono Week.


Policy & Outreach

Our Policy & Outreach sub-committee is in charge of promoting pro bono policies and publicising the work of our Group.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar for these upcoming pro bono events.
22 April - 22 June

In House vs. Private Practice vs. Chambers vs. Academia Virtual Fitness Challenge

Join us in a virtual fitness challenge across the legal sector! Join up with colleagues in your respective sector to compete to be the most active group while raising much-needed funds for charities supporting those impacted by COVID-19. Our challenge will kick-off on 22 April and will run through 22 June.  Details here.

Postponed - date TBD

Chambers Engage 2020: European D&I and Pro Bono Summit

Register here for the Chambers International Diversity & Inclusion and Pro Bono Summit which invites lawyers from across the profession to engage in dialogue, best practice and action. Several of our members will be panellists!

Postponed - date TBD

In House Pro Bono Group Training: Assessing Impact and Effectiveness of a Pro Bono Project.

We will be sending out invitations on 6 March to the first session of our new pro bono training series where we will look into what in house counsel can do to ensure that a pro bono project is effective and impactful.  This session will be run by members of the UK Collaborative Plan for Pro Bono.

Postponed - date TBD

Financial Institution Pro Bono Day

Launched in 2019 in the United States, our members are determined to bring Financial Institution Pro Bono Day international in 2020.  We have a dedicated sub-committee organising a collaborative volunteering day.  Please be in touch if you would like to participate or assist in the organising effort.

October 2020

London Legal Walk

Has your institution signed up to the London Legal Walk yet? We have a dedicated sub-committee organising a co-branding and networking opportunity for our members. Please be in touch if you woule like to participate or assist in the organising effort.

November 2020

National Pro Bono Week

Our dedicated sub-committee is organizing a dedicated In House pro bono day for our members to come together for a collaborative day of training and volunteering.  Please be in touch if you would like to participate or assist in the organising effort.

Get in Touch

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